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  • 我的宠物英语作文

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    Nowadays, many families have a dog or a cat as a pet. Some people think that pets are good and helpful companies.

    Some of them even go so far as saying that animals are as good as humans, and their rights should be respected .

    Senior citizens are especially fond of keeping pet because they are always feeling lonely at home and they see the cats or dogs as their partner.

    But some other people do not like pets. They say that animals are noisy, dirty and dangerous.

    They think laws should be made to forbid people from keeping pets in cities and towns.

    In my opinion, pets are loyal friends that will never betray us. Staying with pets, we shall enjoy happiness and feel relaxed. Most important of all, keeping pets helps people to reduce loneliness and forget their unpleasant things for the time being.


    I have a lovely pet. It's a small cat. It's name is Candy, because it looks like a candy. It has white and black colors. It's smaller than general cats. When I first saw it in the market, I liked it.

    Therefore, I begged my mother bought it to me and I succeeded. It has come to my home for three months.

    It is attracted. Everyone come to my home likes to play with it. It hides under the sofa or bed often.

    When I call it, it would react to me. Sometimes, it would walk to me quietly. I like my cat very much.


    Many people like to keep a kind of annimal as a pet ,such as dogs,cats,birds,and so on .

    They put so great enthusiasm on them that some pets are treated like their family members.

    A good relationship between people and pets can be very comfortable.They are loyal audiences of you ,while you have something can't tell any one else.They occuppy the loneliness ,cure your pains,make anxious hearts return to peace and innocence ,some pets even can help to cure some mental disease.that's the advantages of keeping an pet.

    However ,pets are often expensive,to feed them would even cost more .Too much money spend on pets are more or less a little improper while there are so many starving people in this nation.

    Some dangerous pets are a menace to their owners ,even a dog attack people sometimes,things could be worse if they carrying some fatal virus.That's the disadvantages of keeping a pet.

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